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Client Name
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I accept the activity I am about to undertake is a potentially hazardous activity. Some of the hazards that you may encounter are; uneven track surface, cold temperatures, bright sunlight (snow blindness), rock fall, equipment failure, fatigue, and dehydration. The Guide will take all reasonable steps to minimise the hazards, but I acknowledge they can not be totally eliminated. I understand the hazards involved and in no way hold the Guide responsible for any harm that may occur to me while undertaking this activity. I have disclosed to the Guide any physical or mental impairment, allergy, pre-medical conditions or sickness that may effect me or my Guide during the activity or subsequent to any personal injury.
Key Terms and Conditions
Top Guides will only cancel a trip for safety reasons (unpleasant weather is not unsafe); In the event of unsafe conditions, Top Guides will offer an alternative safe route or tour for client satisfaction; Refunds will not be given due to lack of fitness, ability, or equipment/clothing; Trips with only one guide have a 'one return, all return' policy.
Date of Trip with TopGuides (First Day) *
Date of Trip with TopGuides (First Day)

Note: An audited Safety Plan containing a list of hazards, and safe operating and emergency procedures, is available on request.